Side B Links

All of the links you will see here are things that we support on Side B Radio, friends/previous guests of the show, all sorts of awesomeness that you should take a look at, etc. Check them out!
Bush Official – The official page of the greatest band in the entire universe.

Gavin Rossdale Fans – Constantly updated fantastic site with all things Gavin Rossdale on it. Run by Joe- who is the coolest!

Suicide City – Brooklyn based metal band, interviewed on 2.11.10 on location, look for the upcoming interview clips to play on Side B Radio!

Vaeda – Aristotle Dreher, the bassist, is a friend of Side B Radio, he visited the station last year and is welcome back any time! Check them out!

Nigels 11 – Formerly of Nsync (yes, THAT Nsync), Chris Kirkpatrick is 1/4 of this rock band!

Travis McLeod – Musician based in Gainesville, FL and one of DjSteph’s very best friends.

Team Starkid – “Totally Awesome” acting group responsible for such hilarious youtube musicals as “A Very Potter Musical”, “Me And My Dick”, and “A Very Potter Sequel”

Darren Criss – Member of Team Starkid, actor, musician, singer, songwriter… is there anything this guy can’t do?

StarKid Fan Podcast – Fan run podcast for Team StarKid. Alex and Kaitlyn are awesome.