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Side B Radio 10-05-2016


This week’s show prominently featured new music from Tyler Glenn (of Neon Trees), I saw Tyler at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday night and I feel it is very important to share his upcoming album (Excommunication) with the world. I’ve been a fan of Tyler Glenn for over 6 years and I am incredibly proud of him.

While compiling the songs to share with you, I figured I’d throw in some of my other faves as well. We discussed “Let’s Spend the Night Together” by Ms. Pamela Des Barres, which led to a lengthy discussion about groupies and rock and roll.

Also talked a bit about Constantine Maroulis and played some of his stuff. Please have a listen, enjoy!

1. I Believe in You – Bush
2. Tell Me You Love Me – Neon Trees
3. Sound and Vision – David Bowie
4. Trash – Tyler Glenn
5. Shameless – Tyler Glenn
6. GDDML Grls – Tyler Glenn
7. The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – Evercleafr
8. Easy – John Arthur Greene
9. Our War – Neon Trees
10. Your Surrender – Neon Trees
11. Love and Affection – Neon Trees
12. Here I Come – Constantine Maroulis
13. 25 or 6 to 4 – Constantine Maroulis
14. Midnight Radio – Constantine Maroulis
15. Lost Boys – Matt Duncan
16. Without You – Wyland
17. Long-Forgotten Fairytale – The Magnetic Fields
18. Text Me in the Morning – Neon Trees
19. Unavoidable – Neon Trees
20. Living in Another World – Neon Trees
21. Foolish Behavior – Neon Trees

Rock on, SBR-heads, See you next week!

Side B Radio 08-03-2016

Wow, well time flies right? There were two weeks without a show, due to other obligations, but it’s August and SBR is back, baby!

My friends and I had an awesome week in Chicago- which is discussed at length, as well as some of my aspirations.

Get into it!

Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
Daddy’s Girl – Beneath The Sun
Pop Song – Theo Katzmann
Oscar Wilde – Company of Thieves
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
Good Ol’ Moon – Darren Criss
Blackstar – David Bowie
The Only Way Out – Bush
Can’t Fight The Moonlight – LeAnn Rimes
Idle Hands – Matt Duncan
Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith
How Soon is Now? – Love Spit Love
Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Skin and Bones – Charlene Kaye f. Darren Criss (live)
Mr. Blue – Dance Hall Crashers
The Force – TalkFine

as always, the amazingly awesome SBR Jingle was performed by TalkFine and they’re the best people ever.

Side B Radio 04-27-2016

We started the show with a small tribute to Prince- which turned into a discussion about fan elitism.

I read an excerpt from the book, Kill The Boy Band, by Goldy Moldevsky.
Got me discussing my own writing possibilities and I shared an idea that Anna and I had a few years ago.

Playlist was interesting.

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince
Gone Away – The Offspring
Turn It Off – Paramore
Songs I Can’t Listen To – Neon Trees
Missing – Flyleaf
A Million Years – Charlene Kaye
Can’t Wait To Say No – TalkFine
Cold Contagious – Bush
Bent – Matchbox Twenty
I Alone – Live
Breaking The Habit – Linkin Park
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – Prince
Idle Hands – Matt Duncan

and as always we began and ended with the wonderful Side B Radio Jingle provided by TalkFine.

Catch you next week!

Side B Radio 02-17-2016

Good tunes, good talk.

So Much For The Afterglow – Everclear
Fall Asleep – Jars of Clay
Blur – Britney Spears
Heartbeats – Jose Gonzalez
My Junk – Spring Awakening
Head Over Heels – Matt Sucich
I’ve Never Been In Love Before – Guys and Dolls
Sunrise – In The Heights
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing – Grease
Comedown – Bush
Can’t Help Falling In Love (With You) – Fleet Foxes
Cruel and Beautiful World – Grouplove
Holding You All Through The Night – Jay Stolar f. Charlene Kaye, Megan Cox, and Seth Faulk
Lay Me Down – Sam Smith f. John Legend
Simply Beautiful – Queen Latifah and Al Green
All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You – Heart
Haunted by the Kiss – TalkFine
My Bloody Valentine – Good Charlotte
Valentine’s Day – David Bowie

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Side B Radio 02-03-2016

Fun show- no Anna. Discussed Podcasts, my love of Chris Kirkpatrick, and plenty more. Good times. Great songs. Have a listen!

Playlist: Here I Come – Constantine Maroulis
She’s Fallin’ – Beneath the Sun
I Still Think – Darren Criss
Different Colored Eyes – Charlene Kaye
Loved and Alive – Jim and the Povolos
Good Times – Matt Duncan
Superstar – Groovenics
Don’t Wanna Be Loved By You – Megan Cox
Uptown Girl – Glee (Curt Mega)
Hair Down – Nonstop to Cairo
Egyptology – Mother Feather
Goldblooded – The Veevees
Dance Like This – TalkFine
Running on Empty – Mad Moon Riot
Country Backroads – Theo Katzman
Surrender – Bush
My Shiny Teeth – Joey Richter & Chris Kirkpatrick

Side B Radio 01-27-2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.03.04 PM

This week’s show had a bit of technical difficulty at first, so I believe this audio comes in while a song was playing. My apologies. My broadcasting program crashed while I was on the air. WHAT?! Insanity. I found a mix of Broadway/Showtune covers that are pretty unique. I hope you think so too.

If you like what you hear, please share. Make sure you’re following me on all the social media. All love! xoxo

I Know Him So Well (Chess) – Whitney & Cissy Houston
One Song Glory (Rent) – Jonathan Larson
Ring of Keys (Fun Home) – Kirstyn Hippe
Phantom of the Opera – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Being Alive (Company) – Chris Colfer (Glee)
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita) – Madonna
Defying Gravity (Wicked) – Togun
Midnight Radio (Hedwig) – Joseph Gordon Levitt
All I Ask of You (Phantom) –
Send in the Clowns (A Little Night Music) – Cher
I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables) – Brendon Urie
Popular (Wicked) – Aaron Tveit
Memory (Cats) – Barry Manilow
You Can’t Stop The Beat (Hairspray) – Glee Cast
Cabaret – Darren Criss
You’ll Be Back (Hamilton) – Jimmy Fallon (from the Ham4Ham show on 1/20)

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Side B Radio 01-20-2016

First of all, Happy David Bowie Day- as declared by the Mayor of NYC!
I was inspired by watching Bowie and Jagger’s music video for Dancing in the Streets to do some unconventional cover songs! So that’s what the focus was this week.

Dancing in the Street – David Bowie & Mick Jagger
Blank Space/Stand By Me – Imagine Dragons
Titanium – Last Turn Off Broadway
Gorilla – Mad Moon Riot
Your Love – Katy Perry
Rolling in the Deep – Aretha Franklin
Love is a Battlefield – Craving Strange
I’m on Fire – Shakey Graves
Breaking Free – The Faded
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Josh Kelley
Baby – Charlene Kaye f. Joe Moses
Toxic – Yael Naim
Take Me to Church – Neon Jungle
Satisfaction – Britney Spears
Bottoms Up – April Smith and the Great Picture Show
Crazy – Ray Lamontagne
Do I Wanna Know – Hozier
Every Rose Has it’s Thorn – Kimya Dawson
Optimistic – Tim Homsley
The Joker – Everclear

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Side B Radio 01-13-2016 (Tribute to David Bowie)


Tonight there was only one fitting way to do the show, I had to remember my icon, my favorite, my love, David Bowie.
1. Let’s Dance – David Bowie
2. I’m Afraid of Americans – David Bowie f. Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails)
3. The Man Who Sold the World – Nirvana
4. Kooks – David Bowie
5. Life on Mars? – Lena Hall f. Stephen Trask and Tits of Clay
6. Ziggy Stardust – AFI
7. All the Young Dudes – World Party
8. Sound and Vision – David Bowie
9. Modern Love – Matchbox Twenty
10. Golden Years – Marilyn Manson
11. Five Years – Placebo
12. Space Oddity – Chris Hadfield
13. Queen Bitch – David Bowie
14. Changes – Cristin Militia
15. Rebel Rebel – Tegan and Sara
16. Telling Lies – David Bowie
17. Heroes – Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet
18. Under Pressure – The Used and My Chemical Romance
19. As the World Falls Down – David Bowie
20. Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
21. Oh, You Pretty Things – David Bowie
22. Fame – Lea Delaria
23. Starman – David Bowie
24. Rock and Roll Suicide – David Bowie

Rest in Peace, Mr. Jones. The stars look very different today. I’ll be there for you as the world falls down. There’s a starman waiting in the sky, oh no love, you’re not alone… I could keep quoting. All my love. Thank you for listening.

Side B Radio 01-06-2016

Another year, another Side B Radio!
Lots to talk about tonight, DCN, Vagina Speakers, Lazarus! David Bowie, the craziness that was the Hamilton Lotto disaster of 2016! And still discussing Poe Dameron’s sexuality. $10 says they’ll never tell.

Lazarus (Performed by Michael C Hall)
Mad Love – Neon Trees
Irrisistible – Fall Out Boy f. Demi Lovato
Midnight Radio – Constantine Maroulis
End of Me – Apocalyptica f. Gavin Rossdale
Cream of Heaven – The VeeVees
The Force (You Got It) – Talkfine
Jackrabbit – San Fermin
Landslide – Gavin Rossdale
Fly – Hank & Cupcakes
My Shot – Hamilton OBCR
(Update later!)