Side B Radio 07-29-2015

This week’s show features a new segment. That 90’s Movie. Each week we will discuss a 90’s Teen Movie, This week was Clueless.

Also played my interview with artist, Eleanor Orchard.

Lots of new music!

Neon Trees – Songs I Can’t Listen To
Josh Allen – Breathe Free
Mother Feather – Living, Breathing
The VeeVees – Honey’s Goodbye
Stolar – My Own Way
Charlene Kaye – Woman Up (Remix)
Dylan Saunders – I Shoulda Lied
Mighty, Mighty Bosstones – Where’d You Go
Supergrass – Alright
David Bowie – Fashion
Matt Duncan – Idle Hands
Freelance Whales – Kilojoules
Doris Cellar – Lie To Me
Deuce Banger – Full Speed Ahead

Side B Radio 06-17-2015

In addition to the amazingly awesome playlist (below), I gave life lessons for free. We explored the concept of “He’s just not that into you.” Also discussed all of the awesome media that I’m super into right now (Jurassic World, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, and some books I’m reading). One of my favorite shows in a while, check it out! Don’t forget to show some love!

check out The VeeVees bandcamp page to download the Cream of Heaven EP

I Don’t Wanna Be In Love – Good Charlotte
Anything is Better Than This – Everclear
Cream of Heaven – The VeeVees
Comfort in Kissing a Stranger – The VeeVees
Heartbang – The VeeVees
Honey’s Goodbye – The VeeVees
The Best Way – Suicide City
Superstar – Groovenics
New Horizons – Flyleaf
Broken in Paradise – Bush
Long Day – Matchbox Twenty
Bodysnatcher – MyPet
I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends) – Neon Trees
Jackrabbit – San Fermin
Everything is Easy – Third Eye Blind
When I Come Around – Green Day
Bathwater – No Doubt
Flinch – Alanis Morissette
Nightmare – This Is All Now
Vultures – Vaeda
New Morning – Darren Criss (f. Chuck Criss)
Gone Away – The Offspring

Side B Radio 06-10-2015

Cold Shower – Dance Hall Crashers
So Betty – Shoot the Freak
Running on Empty – Mad Moon Riot
Woman Up (Dave Scalia Remix, f. Kalae Nouveau) – Charlene Kaye
Hummingbird Heart – Charlene Kaye
Artificial Sweetener – No Doubt
Brighter – Paramore
Gold Blooded – The VeeVees
Long View – Green Day
Cold Contagious – Bush
Clumsy – Our Lady Peace
All Over You – Live
AM Radio – Everclear
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town – Pearl Jam
Sugar Daddy – Talkfine
All You Wanted – Michelle Branch
Nobody – Beneath the Sun
Zombie – The Cranberries
Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
Beautiful Bride – Flyleaf

Side B Radio 06-03-2015

WOO First show in two weeks. Hiatus the previous week because I was drowning in Team StarKid. Speaking of, in the last hour, Adam Brunetti, the ASM from Trail to Oregon called in and we discussed some fun behind the scenes things that happened while the Team was in town.

In the first half, I played some cool tunes. Will update the playlist later!

Side B Radio 04/22/15

In addition to discussing some of my future plans for the show, and sharing my traumatic stories about singing in public, I played some cool music.
There will be no show on 4/29 because I will be at the Belasco Theater celebrating my pal, Darren Criss’s opening night in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
Will return on May 6.

Playlist: (incomplete- will be finished)
Every Few Days – Theo Katzman
I Still Think – Darren Criss
Jackrabbit – San Fermin
Lights Out in London – Heaven’s Basement
Let’s Take a Ride – All New Episode
Superhero – TalkFine
Committed – Jim and the Povolos
Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
All The Way Around – Nigel’s 11
Tell Me It’s Electric – The VeeVees
Full Speed Ahead – Deuce Banger
Hair Down – Nonstop to Cairo
Feels Like The Way – Mad Moon Riot
The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – Everclear
Misery Business – Paramore
Ain’t No Love – Hank & Cupcakes
The Boy – The Kid Henry
Lay Down Your Guns – Bush
Leave Me Be – For The Kill
Dissident – Pearl Jam
Magnetic Baby – Semi Precious Weapons
Broken Hearted and the Angel’s Wings – Travis McLeod

Side B Radio 04/15/2015

This week’s show. I think I did a decent job of mixing local/unknown bands in with more mainstream stuff. I’m digging that idea and I hope to continue to incorporate NEW and exciting local bands into the fold.

Superman – Bush
Weatherman – Dead Sara
The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – Everclear
Dark Tower – Miniature Tigers
Mad Tom of Bedlam – Charlene Kaye
Crazy – Aerosmith
Full Speed Ahead – Deuce Banger
Homemade Voodoo – The VeeVees
The Freshman – Verve Pipe
Fly – Hank & Cupcakes
The Boy – The Kid Henry
I’ll Always Love You – Travis McLeod
Catch a Fire – Dead Superstar
Brooklyn – Theo Katzman
Feels Like the Way – Mad Moon Riot
Spitting Image – Freelance Whales
Nightmare – This Is All Now
Dressed to Kill – Station
Final Boarding – The Best Lies
Jamie All Over – Mayday Parade
Hate This City – The Kickbacks
Clumsy – Our Lady Peace
Home in a Bit – Open Til Midnight

See you all next week. Feel free to share/comment/suggest/etc.
Much love!

Side B Radio 04/09/15

The theme this week was (mostly) NYC and Long Island artists. It’s super important to support local bands. Check out the list, if you have any questions on any of Featuring my interview with Deuce Banger, live at Webster Hall. Which is now available on my YouTube channel in VIDEO form here:!

Til I Hear it From You – Gin Blossoms
Gold Blooded – The VeeVees
Full Speed Ahead – Deuce Banger
Daddy’s Girl – Beneath the Sun
What We’ve Become – The Kid Henry
Tonight We Die For – Craving Strange
Hit or Miss – Midnight Mob
Superhero – TalkFine
Bridges – Criminal Talk
Hell on Heels – Shoot The Freak
The End of the World – The Bright Silence
No Pressure – Dylan Saunders
Huge Mistake! – All New Episode
High Road – Nonstop to Cairo
Breathe – Vaeda
Leave Me Be – For The Kill
Straitjacket Supermodel – Eve to Adam
Broken In Paradise – Bush
Like You Do – Jay Stolar
Supposing I Was Tough – Matt Sucich
The Best Way – Suicide City
Ain’t No Love – Hank & Cupcakes
Poison Apple – Charlene Kaye
Atlas – Megan Cox
Hannah – Freelance Whales

Rock On!

Side B Radio 02/18/15

This week Side B Radio (on deviated from the usual alternative rock format a bit. Basically we were super celebratory about the news that had been released on 2/17 that our old friend, Darren Criss, will be returning to broadway this spring as the latest of an amazing group of men starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Darren will be taking over the role from the original Hedwig, John Cameron Mitchell.

What a better way to celebrate than to jam out to some of Darren’s best songs and some songs from the Hedwig soundtrack? I’ll update the actual playlist later. Check out the show!