Side B Radio 11-18-2015

This week’s show celebrated the awesome that is Hamilton – albeit in a round about way.
We played some of the other work that actors in Hamilton have been a part of, as well as some of their solo stuff. We discussed the amazing Ham4Ham shows they put on before Lottery.

Most importantly we chose a winner for the TCB Skype call! So cool!

Playlist to be updated later, as always. But yay the show is up.

I apologize for how choppy it started out- I was very scatter brained yesterday (what else is new?) and I’m still nursing my computer back to health so not everything was up to par just yet. Should be back to normal when we’re back on in two weeks (if I do a show next week, it’ll be from MacBook Bro, which is perfect already). xx

Side B Radio 11/11/2015

Last night we had some horrible delays and did a google hangout at 10pm
I have ripped the audio for your listening pleasure (and for your TCB clue, let’s be real).
There it is. This is allllll just me and Anna talking- no music. feel free to skip around.

You have until 8pm eastern time on Friday the 13th to get in all 4 questions and your proof of donating to spies are forever.

have a great time.

Side B Radio 10-28-2015

This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
Okay, not quite, but the theme certainly was! Played some Spo0o0o0ky songs for ya! I hope you enjoyed them!
We talked about the things that creep us out, and decided whether we’d prefer to be a vampire or a werewolf, fun fact, we each have a different preference, guess which we prefer! We watched Ghostbusters 2 and we talked a bit about that too.

Your SECOND question for the Tin Can Brothers skype call is in this episode as well as our groovy, awesome, super fantastic new intro courtesy of those totally cool babes, TalkFine!

Side B Radio Intro – TALKFINE!
1. I Put a Spell On You – Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus)
2. What’s This? – Flyleaf (Nightmare Revisited)
3. Spooky – Groovenics
4. Spooky Mormon Hell Dream – Book of Mormon OBCR
5. Good ‘N Evil – Jekyll & Hyde OBCR
6. Homemade Voodoo – The Veevees
7. Undone – Suicide City
8. Running on Empty – Mad Moon Riot
9. Love You to Death – Type O Negative
10. Epiphany – Sweeney Todd (Film)
11. Thriller – Michael Jackson
12. Haunted by the Kiss – TalkFine (from Team StarKid’s Ani: A Parody)
13. Lights Out in London – Heaven’s Basement
14. Exquisite Corpse – Hedwig and the Angry Inch OBCR
15. Haunted – Evanescence
16. Sweet Transvestite – Rocky Horror Picture Show
17. Legal Assassin – Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera
18. Cannibal – Kesha
19. Slipping – Dr. Horrible
20. Halloween – Rent OBCR
21. Dentist! – Little Shop of Horrors
22. Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual
23. Move Towards The Darkness – Addams Family OBCR
24. Dark of the Night – Anastasia (film)

Please enjoy!! xoxo

Side B Radio 10-21-2015

This week’s show was super fun! We celebrated Disney… and a LOT of RANDOM topics.

The first of 4 questions for your chance to win a private Skype call with Corey Lubowich, Joey Richter, and Brian Rosenthal, aka The Tin Can Brothers is in this episode. Remember, you’ll need to submit proof of donating to Spies are Forever as well as answer the 4 questions asked on 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, and 11/11 by 8pm Eastern time on Friday, 11/13 to be eligible for this contest. Please do not post the questions online. You MUST listen to win.

1. Mickey Mouse Club March – Andrew WK
2. Let It Go (as sung by various Disney/Pixar characters)
3. Naked Mole Rap – Kim Possible
4. Dig It – D-Tend Boys (Holes)
5. Just Can’t Wait To Be King – Calls Landing
6. I Won’t Grow Up – The Fools
7. Circle of Life – Disney Channel Circle of Stars
8. Everybody Wants to Be a Cat – Hellanbach
9. Mine, Mine, Mine – Jonathan Young
10. One Step Closer – Sean Palmer (Little Mermaid OBCR)
11. Cinderella Medley – Laura Osnes (live at Elsiefest)
12. Alan Menken Medley – Darren Criss (f. Lea Salonga)
13. Somewhere in Neverland – All Time Low
14. What Dreams Are Made Of – Hillary Duff
15. Not in Nottingham – Mumford & Sons
16. Cruella de Vil – The Replacements
17. I Wanna Be Like You – Smash Mouth
18. Eye to Eye – Soul2Soul
19. Go The Distance – Stay Late
20. 90s Disney – Todrick Hall (f. Shoshana Bean)
21. Other Side –
22. Proud of Your Boy – Darren Criss
23. If I Never Knew You – Michael Crawford (f. Sherie Renee Scott)
24. Suitcase and a Dream – Disney Parks.

Thanks! Cheers!

Side B Radio 10-14-2015

History is happenin’ in Manhattan and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!!!
Tonight we celebrated the wonder that is NYC! Broadway songs, NYC themed songs, local artists, just a lovely little mix for your listening pleasure.

Also, WOO! Our buddies The Tin Can Bros have successfully funded Spies are Forever (it’s a musical, it’s about spies!) and because of that, we are giving away a Skype Call with the three wonderful bros! Details on tumblr ( and of course we’ll discuss it next week as well.

Some interesting topics tonight- not a whole heck of a lot. Mostly jamming to the tunes!

New York State of Mind – Billy Joel
Empire State of Mind – Jay Z f. Alicia Keys
King of New York – Newsies (OBC)
The Schuyler Sisters – Hamilton (OBC)
Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm – How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (revival)
Brooklyn – Theo Katzman
Movin Out (Anthony’s Song) – Glee Cast version (i.e. Darren Criss and Chord Overstreet)
New York Minute – Don Henley
Map of New York – If/Then (OBC)
Out Tonight – Rent (OBC)
New York, New York – On The Town (New Broadway Cast)
Take Me Back To Manhattan – Rosemary Clooney
Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) – Christopher Cross
Already Home – A Great Big World
Bleecker and 6th – Jesse Ruben
Another Hundred People – Company (OBC)
Hello, Brooklyn – All Time Low
Jenny from the Block – Jennifer Lopez
Benny’s Dispatch – In The Heights (OBC)
Love Remains the Same – Gavin Rossdale
Welcome to New York – Taylor Swift

Side B Radio 10-07-2015

Tonight’s show features an awesome interview with Joey Richter and Corey Lubowich from the Tin Can Brothers.
Donate to their kickstarter!

The playlist was all Team Starkid related because they are having an amazing reunion performance in Ann Arbor tomorrow, so we decided to celebrate that.


Not Over Yet – A Very Potter Sequel (Tyler Brunsman, Corey Dorris & Company)
I Wanna Be – Starship (Joey Richter, Brant Cox, & Company)
The Moment (live from SPACE Tour) – Jim and the Povolos (Clark Baxtresser)
No Way – A Very Potter Sequel (Darren Criss, Lauren Lopez, Joey Richter, Bonnie Gruesen)
Different As Can Be – Apocalyptour (From A Very Potter Musical, Joe Walker & Brian Rosenthal)
Stutter – SPACE Tour (From A Very Potter Sequel, Joe Walker)
Sidekick – A Very Potter Senior Year (Joey Richter)
Kick It Up A Notch – Starship (Dylan Saunders, Joey Richter, Brian Holden, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Jim Povolo)
A Thousand and One Nights (Pop Version) – From Twisted (Britney Coleman & Carlos Valdes)
The Grind – Trail to Oregon (Jeff Blim)
Status Quo – SPACE Tour (Dylan Saunders, Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Joey Richter
No Pressure – Dylan Saunders
Big Girl Lullabies – Jaime Lyn Beatty
I Wanna Be on TV – Joe Moses f. Charlene Kaye
Days of Summer – A Very Potter Sequel

Side B Radio 09-30-2015

Boy we had a lot to talk about! The VeeVees and Elsiefest in particular!!! (And the Broadway Flea- which was sooooo crowded.
Explicit Language! Oops!
Details about Game Night with Us and the Tin Can Brothers!
My random visit to Trinity Church (to see Alexander Hamilton’s grave)
Changing the direction of Side B Radio to focus more on our passions/interests than a specific genre!
In depth discussion about my love for Tyler Glenn and the Neon Trees
My thoughts on Scream Queens / horror movies.

You Just Want My Money – Jason French
Possum Kingdom – The Toadies
Cream of Heaven – The VeeVees
What Comes Next? – Hamilton OBC
The Room Where It Happens – Hamilton OBC
My Only Problem With You – Matt Sucich
Unavoidable – Neon Trees
Animal – Darren Criss and Tyler Glenn (at ElsieFest)
Dance Like This – Talkfine f. EarthMoonEarth
This Time – Darren Criss (at Elsiefest)
Take Me or Leave Me – Rent OBC
What’d I Miss – Hamilton OBC