Aug 24

Launching my new website! Things are still being added, but I wanted to know what features I should add? I was thinking maybe like a music section to post links to what I am listening too and such. Thoughts?

Aug 22

basisforcomparison: If I were to make a YouTube “talk show” What topics should I discuss? I would eventually want to make it involve interviews and expand on relatable topics not just “hey such and such musician tell me about your projects” but like really discuss stuff. TalkFine already assured me that they’d be on board, […]


I am saddened by the lack of views on this priceless interview with Jeff Blim. He’s amazing and funny and it was a privilege to sit down with him. This was filmed on 2/10/14 after we saw Airport for Birds, Jeff took us to this bar around the corner- which happened to be where the majority of the cast had met for drinks. I was embarrassed to be ‘crashing’ the party, but it was no sweat. And we had this lovely interview.

it’s in four parts. this is part 1. please enjoy the entire thing on my youtube channel.

Jul 31

Doing a radio show here tonight- over on the ol live365. If you like good rock music and want to hear all about my chicago adventures- give it a whirl! chatroom. :D  starts in about 20 minutes (8p eastern)

Jun 26

WELCOME ME BACK TO THE AIRWAVES!  Going live at 8pm eastern. Lots to talk about! Lots of cool music to play! New chatroom info: (it’ll probably have a custom url soon) the website is under new management! (BONUS! you can log in to the chatroom with facebook or twitter!)  same bat channel though! Tell […]

Jun 26

basisforcomparison: I’m going to do a show tomorrow.  I don’t know if the chatroom will be available, if it’s not I”m sure we can find something else to use.  I’ve been off the air too long. I miss it and want to start getting back into it. If you can’t make it, not to worry. […]

Jun 19

I’m thinking about doing maybe an hour long show thingie. Not a full “side b radio 2 hour extravaganza” but i want to test the connection, and test my new gear and make sure everyone can see and hear and be merry. is anyone available tonight or tomorrow night for such things? please let me […]


Check out my interview with Philip Markle!

Philip was introduced to me when he had Brian Holden, Joey Richter and Jaime Lyn Beatty perform with his improv, group Happy Karaoke Fun Time back in April.

He worked with JLB in Chicago at The Annoyance Theater and he actually went to high school with Darren Criss (which is how he met Starkid). Small world.

Anyway, this interview was a lot of fun. He’s a fun guy. Please watch/share/etc.